Nashville…Seven Years On.


This week my seventh Nashville anniversary quietly slipped past (save a silly picture on the web with a six foot tall rhinestone encrusted guitar).  It’s hard for me to believe we’ve now been here as long as we were in Iowa.  What has this year held professionally?  A promotion at the radio group, continued work and international interest with “In the Songwriters Circle”, a few seconds of screen time on Nashville, a blurb in an Italian documentary on songwriting called Songbirth, and a cool ”full circle” performance at Third and Lindsley – the first venue I visited after moving here.   Oh yeah , and some kick-butt co-writes.  Actually it’s been an incredibly busy “type a” year….as you might expect from me.

All in all, I think this has been a year about perspective.  I’ve been here long enough to see the broad and the narrow, the rise and fall (as in trends and careers), and to watch places I once knew be transformed into open lots or high rises.  One cannot deny the steady drum of progress that beats on in Nashville-Davidson.  It moves  with or without us.

All signs point to the coming year to be one of change.  I welcome the new possibilities, the voids/refills, and the growth that will inevitably reveal itself – if not at once, eventually .  Somewhere I heard it said  we get a new life every seven years.  I don’t know about that – but I do know the Greyhound bus depot where I landed in the summer of 2007 got a new life as the (colossal) Music City Center.  Here’s to hoping  for an expansive next year.